signed Sabrina Carbonebririd

Ukraine, the Parliament hunting Yanukovych, Tymoshenko’s regime collapses.Ukraine is free from the regime, but we also hope here is not a déjà vu.The schemes fall, dictatorships fall, but in the end, in the end, the people still keep coming back hungry for freedom.In most cases there has not been a correct dose of use of power. When elections are held, regardless of political orators that they are in power or in opposition use their dialectic, the only weapon conviction, to urge people to vote for this candidate or the other.The words are never alone but is accompanied by the facts. But in the end there are only a river of words, the trade does not penetrate, employment does not increase, and everything remains passive, a rain demagogic words that serves as an umbrella to take power, and anyone who goes up must ensure that he promised and build a constructive dialogue with the opposition, it is a moral obligation.Regardless of whether the State is a Republic or a Monarchy or a scheme, every person who rules or reigns must give thanks to His people without creating his discontent.When the people did not approve it means that the power in his hands has not been used well.Dear politicians are not always sit in the chair to get off the streets and meet your people, what they pay their taxes, what gave you a vote to get on the chair, and what he believed in you, whom you have chosen. In this talk I am reminded of a wonderful book that I invite everyone to read Kafka’s “The Castle”.In Kafka’s Castle everyone had a job, paid all duties and silence reigned.This is the opening scene of this beautiful book. The life of every State should use a hypothetical to be. Idyllic, but we all aspire to peace and serenity.A government or a ruler must ensure their people the rights and duties. Every people has the right to live in their protected status in his work, in his family and in his business.It is not a diplomat, and is also unethical overpower the people, taking advantage of the bread that they bring.Remember that it is the people that come from all over and no one else. To prepare a people to democracy and freedom, one must first be democratic and free to understand that in a democracy there is no inequality in freedom.The ‘Mea culpa’ is not only to all those who have mismanaged political theater, bringing on stage their own interests. Mea culpa is also outside of these states that invade the territory of another State to bring peace, or as they say, a margin of civilization.The great powers like the U.S., France, Britain, Russia, which are the eternal colonists ever, go on-site with the eternal excuse of a peacekeeping mission but it is only to fatten their oil companies, their trade , and once the area has been well drained and saturated is the conclusion of the maintenance of peace.Peace can not be maintained is a constant of freedom and democracy. These invasions of the field I consider futile.They arrive in the area, explain their forces because otherwise they do not know what to do, explain the latest state of war, supersonic aircraft, weapons, the latest fashions, oil giants, energy, but the war never ends like that? Where is this peace-keeping then if they themselves are on the political stage to orchestrate the moves?Eventually they, the powers that are in vogue and people continue to perish. In Afghanistan, the U.S. military created a structure as large as a city that is useless, worse yet it will never be used. In Libya it is even worse.The audience does not applaud this massacre. It seems really all a farce since in this way they can streamline everything they have accumulated and invested in armaments by land, air and sea.Where they land there is always a big mess, the people is not a puppet, the people first of all is a person.I hope that Ukraine is not a déjà vu, Mea culpa to those who have not been able to administer, and mea culpa to those who wanted to colonize unknowingly do.No one is without sin on this globe. All this only leads to a dearth of mankind, all that you have done it did not do anything, and then all this war, this war atmosphere has only served to encourage comfortable but not all of the people.