signed Sabrina Carbonebririd

The 17 February 2014, marked the third anniversary of the famous “day of anger” that led to the fall of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, but also to his physical liquidation and as horrible. In reality, admittedly, Colonel was killed and had to have a process because every person has the right to defend themselves.The tragic death of this leader rightly or wrongly considered to be “the devil incarnate” curiously not enabled Libya to overcome the tragedy. In fact it was necessary to determine the freedom with the droppers because his foes have promised to find in his death, democracy, freedom.They killed him in revenge, to claim all this certainly did not bring to the well-being of the country but its regression.Dear, you made Libyan convince by false promises you thought you found what America? Freedom? America is not even inform Italy refugees arriving.What you are experiencing is not freedom, but only the result of brainwashing because they aspired to you but to your oil.When a character is inconvenient and lives in an appetizing that you leave easily manage, the first thing they do is remove in one way or another the awkward character.Many have welcomed his death but nobody says what the Colonel has done: everything that was imported into Libya cars, clothes or other things the 40% paid the Government.Now what if imported Balkan companies do not want to return to Libya because they have no warranty.Because no one says that the Colonel gave students grants for their studies abroad.Why not say that in the end you had to eat, there was trade and each had its share.In Italy it is the same thing they did to kill Mussolini, but Mussolini eventually lost the war to civilize Africa but was to civilize the Italians thanks to him today there is retirement in Italy, the streets were clean, and not only gave subsidies to families to breed.Today in Italy we are the third non-elected Government and democracy. This should reflect you.The new authorities in Libya are still struggling to establish a genuine State, able to bring political stability and economic prosperity which boasted instead when it was the “help” of the late Colonel and are also struggling to pay the salaries.They wanted to get to democracy thinking to find black gold, but the black gold you have it at home and its production decreases while increased production.Is this freedom? I really enjoy this freedom? There are rights?But you have combined to reduce a country’s gem in a sewer.You can’t help but wonder if some Libyans ultimately don’t need to regret their “President”.You believed but you believed hurt, we are puppets, not the freedom murals that you painted on the streets, freedom is the consciousness of protecting your country but you haven’t done and now you are an easy prey and will continue to be until someone does not take really good care of you.The February revolution of 2011 has not only created a situation worse than that you could imagine. The least I can say is that the fruit is so bitter today that “it is difficult to predict the end of the tunnel”.With a Government unable to provide the country a Constitution and, therefore, institutions able to recreate the hopes of the Government as expected.You have to worry there’s not among yourselves.You were shaped like clay, have been handled.In addition, the political and diplomatic violence has become the fate of the people and partners of Libya.When the current authorities have announced that they are unable to meet the payment of salaries of civil servants this year, it is not surprising that some come to regret Gaddafi.And very seriously.