signed Sabrina Carbonebririd

Love also means endure unpleasant things die in them and then resurrect to new life.Love comes when you do not expect him.The most beautiful Love is unconditional, that makes me want to be a tear come from the eyes of those we love, live and die on her face gently on his lips.To love is to believe for the first time in this wonderful feeling that has no boundaries, it is like a kite flying above.It is not an easy theme that I am going to deal with, is a topic that touches me and it hurts is a theme that makes me understand how hard living while sometimes annientiamo for nothing.All detainees in Libya does not ever! On the other hand, there is someone who is waiting for, someone who at the behest of fate chose to love unconditionally, without knowing neither where nor when, but if he did it because he believes in you.Don’t feel alone, on the other hand, for someone you are the Sun and I invite you to never give up.Dear Sirs prison is a place of reintegration in society, where the individual must not miss anything not even a drop of water.Are humans who have made mistakes, but none is without sin throw the first stone.Are people who need to be reintegrated into society and your treatment is inhumane and shameful, they are not your children, detainees are not your friends, your brothers, and not your husbands.Shame! According to Nasser Houari, President of the Association of human rights victims and founder of Libyan Observatory for human rights, prisoners are at risk of torture if they fall into the hands of illegal armed groups. Shame! The detainees in Libya are subjected to harsh conditions of detention. Prisons do not meet international standards, because the control of some of them is guaranteed by the militia. Shame! Resort to torture, a great and easy way to obtain confessions from prisoners and dozens of them have already died under torture, malnutrition and inhuman. Shame! You must simply be ashamed because the prison is a place of restoration is not Alcatraz. Yes regret Colonel Gaddafi, because you are a dictatorship.Some prisons must be submitted under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, but the actual checks are tracked by the directors and military councils of cities where these centres are located. Shame!I invite everyone to struggle because these tragedies do not happen ever again, and I urge the authorities which have jurisdiction for human rights to do something and to put an end to this inhumane and savage destruction.Prisons are a place of restoration, within prisons are allowed to jobs, social activities are permitted, prisons are not a den of mice.Shame! You have struggled for democracy but the first despots you, know the soul-searching? I don’t think so.You can’t make an individual catatonic state, and you don’t have any right to make it such.To you who are beyond, behind those bars, don’t ever let go, life is beautiful, is a right and is primarily a law and is equal for all.Don’t ever let go. I don’t ever give up.