Every day that passes, the Libya continues its internal disintegration

signed Sabrina Carbonebririd

Three years after the revolutionary euphoria that accompanied the fall of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is about to inaugurate disenchanted gaze of the world, a new type of State, namely the “State militia”.In fact, the 18 February, two heavily armed militias have launched an ultimatum to the highest political institution in the country, the National General Congress: leave the offices in five hours.

Every day that passes, the Libya continues its internal disintegration

But in the meantime, and after this ultimatum, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, announced that it has reached a “compromise” with the militias, thanks to “wisdom” that is found in all the protagonists. Seriously, Ali Zeidan believes this announcement that made Libyan people?Nothing is less certain. For every day that passes, the Libya continues its internal disintegration.And no political body seems unable to concentrate in his hands the real powers of new post-revolutionary State.With regard to new institutions, they don’t have strong enough roots to achieve a real and lasting social impact.In truth, despite the existence of an artificial political order, the Libyan revolutionary experience is turning into a totalitarian experience.Why? The militia or the military have only one specific function and only one dream: to create, disseminate chaos, anarchy, and steer the country through violence and terror.In addition, their only claim to legitimacy is based on their demonic spread of permanent insecurity through the law of arms.Between the leaders and the members of these militias, mostly tribals, idolatry, an idealization of the force, which combines an unerring vision of the world.Ali Zeidan has really wrong when used with these militias, the words “compromise” and “wisdom”.The militias want to establish through violence in Libya, “a generalized fear society” and the mutual distrust between the Libyans. The concepts of “compromise” and “wisdom” to them are completely unrelated.And, in their worship of chaos, for these only militia violence and terror they decide and determine the future and fate of the Libyan people, without forgetting that to some militias, the new Libyan Government must be based solely on religious grounds.And a certain conception of Islam will be used by the militias to support their political objectives.Therefore, in Libya, nothing is more dangerous in the long run, this terrible relationship between religion and State militia.In addition, the history of peoples and societies teaches us that, if there is chaos, confusion and anarchy, extremists and fanatics of all kinds flourish.This is why the Libyan southern territory was quickly transformed into a sanctuary for terrorists around the world.

Meanwhile, we must find the correct way to remove these militias their totalitarian power damage

So, who will replace the current historical in Libya?It was said that this country is based, to get out of the crisis, Tunisian scheme establishing a constituent Assembly.But you forget that the post-revolutionary Libya lacks, unlike Tunisia, a cultural and intellectual elite, especially quality policy.The Tunisian company has remained, despite the closing of COP dictatorial Ben Ali, a society deeply, or better said, the debate is open to contradiction and to consent.That’s why Ennhada, the Islamist movement has suffered a stinging political setback to trample the democratic achievements of the Tunisian revolution.In Tunisia, no militia did weigh on the company a permanent insecurity.Therefore, the salvation of the Libyans, as well as face the terrifying world of deafness, will only come from the people of Libya.And there is no indication at the moment that the drafting of a new Constitution and early elections are sufficient to keep the country out of the merciless law of the militia.And as these militias often consider that their law is the same as God’s law, this clearly shows that the path of stability, of peace, freedom, justice, democracy and social harmony, still remain a utopia.But, as Raymond Aron, “utopia is the intellectual construction of a possible future: it involves a partial, gradual realization”.

Meanwhile, we must find the proper way to revoke these militias their power to harm totalitarian.Like it or not, now, Libya is installed in a civil war that dares not say its name.And a minority, enjoying the “stationary” policy of Government Zeidan seeks to impose at all costs, with violence and terror, his law to the majority who suffer in silence.However, these militias are not recognized, and still less accepted by the Libyan people.What are pompously called “Libyan Revolution” was, in fact, “a revolution without revolution”. And the attitude of the famous “international community” remains cynical toward Libya, as it feeds the premise false and disturbing that people do not have the institutions and Governments they deserve.However, two major issues come to mind all those who still have a heart and honestly the fate of the people of Libya: conditions that require a modern and democratic State can still be respected in Libya?How do you measure the militia law?Obviously the militia law can only lead to dead-ends and disasters.Because what makes the strength of a nation conscious of its development, is primarily its internal unity.