signed Sabrina Carbonebririd

download (1)Those who write are not objective and are not information, ruining their taste and liking and they say little truth. “Whoever says the truth lost friendships”, and Colonel Gaddafi said his truth and that is why we have left to die alone. I read the “Green Book (Arabic: الكتاب الاخضر al-Kit AB al-ḫḍar) and in the text, edit wikipedia, Gaddafi a succinct exposes his vision of democracy, and the economy. The book is divided into:
-Political party: the people’s authority
-Economic Part: socialism
-Social Bases of the third universal theory.
Colonel Gaddafi wanted Libya to make her a jewel and we had succeeded, had fixed the roads, had improved the infrastructure in each field, the “great artificial river”, a massive hydraulic work that exploiting fossil water provided water to the rapidly growing population. Initiated a program of nationalization of big business and had closed u.s. and British military bases. A development policy that of Colonel Gaddafi. In 1977 mentions wikipedia, thanks to still more revenue coming from oil, Gaddafi was able to equip his new roads, hospitals, water and industries. From 1995 to 2008 the population had registered an increase of 1.9% pace in 2010 life expectancy was 70.5 years, Libya was among those countries to humanitarian and development thanks to the relatively high income was ahead of the other North African countries. The time of Libya Qaddafi foniva oil at half of Europe. Today, Libya is no longer the case, the streets are empty, the economy falls, Commerce did not trade, restaurants were full now are always empty. I have no words but is deeply sad to see that a State which had all now has nothing. The truth is obscured because it is convenient to anyone. Sometimes I read too and in my readings I understand that this world is covered with lying and who telling the truth lose friends.