What the majority of Africans and the world unaware of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Sabrina Carbone bririddownload (1)

Cameroon is one of the few African countries to have fought hard the French colonists. Hundreds of thousands of Cameroon have died to defend their dignity. This story, often overlooked in history books, is still alive in the collective consciousness of most Cameroonians. For this reason they are often prone to react whenever the imperialists try to destabilize African countries. It is a people who have learned a lot. Our actions depend on the way in which we read the story. If you read the story in the direction of those who claim to be ‘ masters of the world ‘, then your opinion will be facing in the direction of what you say. That’s why, for example, some Africans, governed by CNN, France 24 and Radio-Canada, define Muammar Gaddafi today, with attributes that do not enter on list. Few Africans really know the story of this man, one of the biggest, if not the greatest political leader the world has ever known. How many Africans are aware, for example, that Gaddafi’s Libya has invested in Africa more than all Western financial institutions (IMF, World Bank and Paris Club). How many Congolese know that one of the reasons that have induced the young Gaddafi to repeat secondary school Sabha (Fezzan) for organizing a large protest against the assassination of Patrice Lumumba? How many Africans are aware, for example, that African States have stood at the entrance of AFRICOM on the continent, it is because whenever the United States offered them large sums of money to accepting Africom, Gadhafi offered twice to deter them? Why Gaddafi was much opposition to the entry of Africom on the continent? As noted with regard to the Cameroonians, this behavior of the leader of Libya, was linked to the history of his country. Under King Idriss, the puppet of the Anglo-Saxons, the Kingdom of Libya had hosted several American and British military bases, including the British base of El Adem, near Tobruk, and Wheelus Field near Tripoli, from where fifteen thousand civil engineers, and American soldiers. These basics ─ State States ─ are served to supply the Israelis with weapons, ammunition and food during the six-day war – not counting the decisive contribution of Libyan oil tanks that had enabled the tanks of Moshe Dayan to inflict an irreparable defeat of Arab States. Nasser ‘ Idol ‘ of Gaddafi, had attempted suicide. The younger Muammar keep of bad memories of this event; and it is for this reason that these bases have been closed once in power. The other big lie that is inserted into the head of Africans – and the rest of the world – to Gaddafi, is the sponsor of international terrorism. Yet it is argued that Gaddafi is the main responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. Yet the Scottish justice eventually ruled that this was not true but the fault was of some investigators engaged in some manipulation with the help of the CIA. One of the key witnesses in the Lockerbie case, the Swiss engineer Ulrich Lumpert has completely acquitted the Libya from any suspicion on this case. “I think they left intentionally change things in order to accuse Libya, and guilty for political reasons, and intentionally,” stated Edwin Bollier, head of Lumpert. And isn’t the only one to think so. In 2005, according to a former senior official of the Scottish police, who spoke in anonymity and who had participated in the investigation, the CIA had ‘ written ‘ scenario, accusing Libya. The fragment of the detonator, which at that time had made headlines, was mounted by the CIA agents who were investigating the attack. Yet for more than 20 years, the country has suffered an unprecedented embargo of the United States and its allies.

Yet it is argued that Gaddafi’s Libya is responsible for the attack on the UTA flight 772 that occurred over the Ténéré desert while it is now known that this is not true, and that the authors were Iranians and Syrians, to a lesser extent, but for geopolitical reasons time ─ the United States wanted to invade Iraq and they needed a support ─ Iranian-Syrian and had found a convenient scapegoat: Gaddafi’s Libya. The FBI and the CIA have manipulated the investigation with the help of some officials of the Congo-Brazzaville so that justice could go back to the main sponsor. The statements by the French investigative journalist Pierre Pean, who made investigations on the case for several years, they say it all: “what I found is literally unheard of. I myself sometimes I stunted to believe what I found. ” A terrible story of manipulation in American sauce, which was an advantage for the French leader mired in questionable covert operations to free French hostages held in Lebanon against the promises made to Iran and to Hezbollah. They also said that Gaddafi has beaten all records of human rights abuses during his reign, women did not have the right ─ this is what journalist Annick Cojean confirmed by Monde in a book-waste paper just published. Question: on which elements are based organizations argue that under Gadhafi, human rights violations were systematic? How do you explain that the Libyan people, presumably subject to the terror of his leadership, chose to remain in his country, rather than seek asylum, as do most Africans subjected to dictates of tyrannical regimes, customers of the West? How do you explain that when NATO terrorists bombarded the Libya, nearly 90% of Libyans have claimed their second guide a Maghreb magazine? At this point the Libyans are masochists? Or “false opinions” at the service of the dark interests, they wanted to give us this to drink? It was the second dictator Westerners and their lackeys Africans or according to the Libyan people? If it was really, it was not the task of the Westerners say but only the people of Libya. Because the Libyans have agreed to form a human shield to defend their leader, if he was the devil? Some Canadian bombers were forced to cancel a mission to Tripoli because it had been placed in front of a huge crowd that was there to defend his leadership. The facts speak for themselves. With regard to women’s rights, the facts say so? Before the arrival of Gaddafi to power, women were not really rights. Just came to power, Colonel Gaddafi had called into question the archaic interpretations of clerics on women. “Fiercely progressive was convinced that the emancipation of the society came from women,” wrote Helene Bravin, author of a book published last year on the guide of the Libyan Revolution. For him, women had to work without disowning tradition. His warhorses were polygamy, conditions of divorce, celibacy where mothers could raise their children – was to set an example of divorce with the separation from his first wife, Fatiha, the daughter of the Royal Police Chief Idris. The food had been imposed on men divorced. One of the great social achievements in the course of 2010 was the creation in October of a programme against domestic violence, under the supervision of the security service of the family and of women victims of violence within the Libyan charity Association, Waatassimou. After the death of Gaddafi, the Democrats ‘ big ‘ of the National Transitional Council (CNT), supported by their NATO friends had announced the new Libya: the law of the land will be based on Islamic law, the Sharia. End of divorce and return to polygamy. Libyan women are needed.

Other things we do not say of Libya under Gaddafi: electricity and water for domestic use were free, the cost of living in Libya was much lower than in many Western countries, if not all; Libyan banks provided interest-free loans; citizens do not have to pay taxes and VAT did not exist; the State had invested a lot of money for various uses; the GDP per capita was $ 13,300, 81 is in the world, then outside Argentina, South Africa and Brazil. The average literacy rate was 82.6%, the main source of Libyan education system was to be free and the best students to pursue graduate studies (PhD-master) abroad, enjoying a scholarship Government. Each student would receive the average salary of course chosen profession if you did not find a job. The country had established a social benefit program launched in March 2008 by Moammar Gadhafi. Social level, the year 2010 had been crowned with success according to the first report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Libya had no debts, unlike France (233 billion dollars), of the United States (16,000 billion) of Canada and Great Britain. The price for the purchase of a machine was factory price; When couples were married, the State paid the first apartment or House (150 square metres). There were places called ‘ Jamaiya ‘ where they were sold at half price the basic necessities to families registered on the book of family. Many Africans have often argued that Gaddafi was a troublemaker involved in destabilization in many countries of the continent. This claim, however, suffers from an objective analysis expanded by Libyan foreign policy in the years 70-80. Libya’s intervention in a number of African countries had been motivated by an important factor that many observers are almost never taken into account: the struggle against Israeli influence, as from early 1970, more than twenty States of sub-Saharan Africa were linked by cooperation agreements with Tel Aviv, which also had on almost all kinds of experts 2,800, which accounted for 60% of the total number of Israeli aid workers present in developing countries. How wrote the Israeli daily Haaretz, 8 December 1972, Tripoli had managed not only to undermine Israel’s relations with black Africa, but also to demystify the Jewish State’s capacity to respond effectively to political pressure from its Arab adversaries. “The highlight of the Libyan offensive was the rupture of relations between Israel and a number of African countries in mid-1970. Chad will also be the site of a latent conflict between Libya and the Western powers led by the United States and France. The 20 October 2011, Moammar Gadhafi, the leader of the Libyan Revolution, was murdered by members of Western special forces and their allies of Al-Qaeda in the town of Sirte. But before we shoot him like a dog, without regard to international law, NATO had conducted the operation from start to finish, has killed tens of thousands of civilians in Libya; The Libya was reduced to ashes in the name of his ‘ noble ‘ democratic principles. A year after the massacre, the Libya struggling to recover; armed groups proliferate like mushrooms, the ethnic cleansing of blacks continue torrid pace, the country is on the brink of collapse … And yet, the ‘ lessons of market democracy ‘, NATO had promised heaven and Earth, and a new and thriving Libya. A year after his death, Gaddafi is still considered by some Africans as a ‘ terrorist ‘, the ‘ destabilizing ‘ master of several African countries, the ‘ crazy ‘, the great leader who carried a disproportionate hatred toward the West. These Africans are the talk of the Western media, tools of the imperialists who criticize all day that have subjected the continent during the last two centuries. Who is to blame? The Western cultural hegemony in which bathe many of us and our intellectual laziness. Often, we look to dominant discourses of Western elites and their cars full of lies (the media, experts, and others), without a minimum of critical spirit.



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