To know the others with sympathy: dialogue between cultures and civilization

written from Sabrina Carbone10305509_929922550357824_7309698354526484811_n

The dialogue between the cultures and civilization can have happened, only trying to reach adequate solutions that can generate a just situation, an adapted stability, the peace and safety. Instead ignoring and distrusting one and others, we must establish a dialogue between the cultures and the civilization. The acquaintance and the mutual acknowledgment help to promote the confidence, that she can carry to a real cooperation and to develop a solidarity sense. However, in order to establish this dialogue, we must begin to value this, that we have in municipality and believe in the virtues of the solidarity. What is it like promoting dialogue between cultures and civilization? The issue completely seems legitimate. In answering, I can say that in the first instance we must be known, recognize ourselves and stuffed to know. This implies a return to the origins, and total liberatoion. We must put aside the tradition to neutralize the taboo of every type and to dare, all this under the critical examination, in order to reach this, and to facilitates the opening towards the other, we must accept one another irrespective of our differences, without satisfaction or condescension. Moreover we must also know the others with sympathy: to know their history, their religion, their sideboards and all this must do in oneness to return to fertile interferences and meets fecund. We can also interact, ask questions, dialogue between cultures and civilization. To this end, it must emphasize that the dialogue with one another is today more than ever necessary, because the ego is in the thickness of one another. This is an act where acknowledgment, simplicity and the generosity are arrange d in order to induce mutual respect and solidarity: We can understand the Greek miracle, without the income of the semitic oriental and without the contribution of Egypt? We can comprise the material and the cultural wealth of Europe and the West, without their expansion in Africa, Asia and the pre-Columbian America? The debit of the West towards the South seems enormous. Aristotle could reach Europe through the Arabic philosophers through Andalusia. The Crusades have favor the osmosis between the East and the West. That to say above all, from Sicily to Norman time, of King Federico II Hohenstaufen? We have to break with all the institutions that promote the dialogue between the cultures, civilization and religion, because the university had already thought them, the days of a fallen regime? This is the moment that such chair lathes to service of freedom, democracy and it’s values like justice and the solidarity between people. Such institution must promote dialogue between, civilization, religion and jobs, in order to create ties of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect between people, to prescind from the races, cultures and religion. It is a philosophy of opening, solidarity between the men and an acknowledgment of identity and characteristics, without exceptions. Supported from a humanism that recognizes the others, it respects and chip ax with its differences. This philosophy is tied to a very ancient tradition that has never stopped to bloom and to grow. We must cultivate the friendship, cooperation, and accept one another, to establish the solidarity between people. In order to reach these noble objectives, legacies to the acquaintance and the spread of acquaintance, an action of deep understanding from the people, of their cultures is strongly necessary and of their religion, on the base of investigations, planned and implemented correctly, covering the various areas of the knowledge, is that you regard a man or his life or nature. In order to convince one another and to obtain legitimacy of the interlocutor, it is necessary to know its history and its culture, far from any a priority and every selective tendency. This good acquaintance of himself (man and atmosphere) offers in responsible way to the management of present and future perceptions of politics, on inspiration and reflection base. On the base of these principles, it is opportune to favor the contacts, the spread of the acquaintances, to discuss freely, far from all the taboo, and with the flood the confidence and the mutual respect.



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